Slider Top E.MiLac

Slider Top E.MiLac

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Top for Sliders by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order

Volume: 9ml, 15 ml

  • Universal top cover
    It fits  for all types of stickers and perfect for use with  Emi Naildress  Sliders and Nailcrust Slider Designs.
  • Strongly fix stickers
    Securely seals the sliders on the nail plate. It is recommended to fix stickers with Slider top  before applying the finishing coat.
  • Reliable protection
    It is indispensable cover for protecting the slider designs from cracks and general wear and tear.

Why stickers worn bad?  Why do you need a special top for attaching them?

❓ Why we apply a bonder, primer and base on the nail plate? Right! Because we need a strong coupling of the nail plate and artificial material.

Sliders are attached according to the same principle: walk along the edges of the sticker with an acid-free primer, then apply a thin layer of rubber base on top. Base will give you an increased hitch!

BUT! Before covering  carefully study your material. The base may turn yellow and distort the colors of the picture.

To avoid this use the special SLIDER TOP! ☝
They have increased adhesion, has crystal-clear structure during polymerization and special strength!

Sticker fixing

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