Matt Top gel  E.MiLac

Matt Top gel E.MiLac

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Matte top coat by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

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Matt Top Gel - classic matte effect, does not get dirty, recommended for light shades.
E.MiLac Matt Top Gel  help to create a volume effect with Nailcrust and textures and will add zest to any design.

Volume: 9ml
Polymerization time 2 min.


  • The EMi matte top has matt texture but doesn’t have so velvety look , it is very good at wearing.
  • Does not turn yellow.
  • Not thick, easy to apply, does not flow. It is better to apply a little more layer so that it evens out and the surface is smooth.
  • Very pleasant to the touch.

Matte nail design with EMi materials

1) Cover the prepared nail plate with E.MiLac BASE GEL
Dry LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min.
2) We cover the nail E.MiLac 064 "Timid blush", dry the LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min
Apply  1 layer of E.MiLac BASE GEL and once again dry the LED / CCFL - 15 sec., UV - 1 minute.
3) Apply Nailcrust sticker No. 4 and level it on nail plate.
4) Using the ULTRABOND applied along the perimeter, we remove the excess of Nailcrust sticker
5) Apply  E.MiLac BASE GEL coat, dry LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min.
And on top - E.MiLac MATT TOP GEL coating and again dry LED / CCFL - 30 sec., UV - 2 min.
6) Degrease the nail, then draw the contour of the sticker using EMPASTA "Timid Blush".
Make intermediate polymerization in the course of work - LED / CCFL 2 minutes, UV 2 minutes.
7) With a small finger pad we tint the EMPASTA “White Refinish” relief, dry LED / CCFL for 30 seconds, UV for 2 minutes.

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