E.Mi Gel Liquid Stone

E.Mi Gel Liquid Stone

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Liquid Stone Gel E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi
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Volume: 10 ml

Gel "Liquid Stone" by E.Mi  created to make additional volume for nail jewelry , gemstones
- E.Mi gel consistency allows to make bubble-free stones
- has quick polimerisation time  at first seconds even then mixed with gel paints
- any hight can be created
- long wearing stones
- can be mixed with Empasta gel

How to make Gemstone with E.Mi Liquid stone gel?

1) Prepare nails , cover with Emi Ultrabound and Emi Base gel

2) Apply 1-2 layer of E.miLac gel polish and dry it

3) Remove sticky layer of gel polish

4) Paint frame with gel paint for casting , dry in UV/LED lamp and inprint foil by brief movement

5) Cover nails with Emi Top gel and dry it

6) Mix Emi polymer with color gel paint by round movement. Take mixed gel on brush , apply on nail and form liquid stone. Dry it

7) Cover stone with Emi Liquid Stone Gel to form more higher stone

What is difference between "Liquid stone" Polymer and Gel?

E.Mi "Liquid Stones" Polymer is rubber gel , can be  mixed with different colors of gel paint ,gel polishes and pigments to create multi-color nail stones, allows to make bubble-free stones, quick polimerisation time. Rubber polymer should be covered with top coat or polmer "Liquid stone"

E.Mi "Liquid Stones" Gel by E.Mi  created to make additional volume for nail jewelry , gemstones, any hight can be created, can be mixed with Empasta gels to make higher texture. E.Mi "Liquid Stones" Gel has no need to cover with top coat

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