Camouflage Base E.MiLac №7

Camouflage Base E.MiLac №7

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E.MiLac Milk Pink Base by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order

Medium consistancy  Base Gels

Volume: 9ml

What are the camouflage base gel ?

✔ 2 in 1. Leveling sculptural base and camouflage in one bottle.
✔ Can be used as an independent coating for nudist, manicure, negative-space.
✔ 7 natural shades perfectly align the color of the nail bed and do not give a border when growing.
✔ Viscosity like E.MiLac Sculpt-Medium Base Gel for comfortable modeling, strengthening and leveling nails.


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