Set Empasta Cozy Evening

Set Empasta Cozy Evening

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Empasta Cozy Evening set by E.Mi

Original product of E.Mi

*** Pre-order product. It can take 2-7 days to collect order

Set consists of:
6 pcs Empasta 5 ml each in bottles

Empasta Brownie 5 ml.
Empasta Milk Cacao  5 ml.
Empasta  Amber Honey 5 ml.
Empasta  Creme Brulee 5 ml.
Empasta  Dusty Ceder 5 ml.
Empasta Shy Blush 5 ml.

Create interesting volume manicure with juicy summer colors of Tropical Island set. 

Combine Empasta Tropical garden with  ideally match  colours of gel paints Tropical Garden

How to create volume roses manicure with Empasta ?

1) Prepare nail as usual  - buff nails, apply primer, E.Mi base coat

2) Apply 1-2 layers of gel paints or E.MiLac . Dry 1 min in LED and 2 min in UV lamp. 
Cover with E.Milac Base gel and dry.

3) Use  E.Mi Nailcrust slider to create Roses.

- Cover nails with E.MiLac Slider gel and dry 15 sec in LED /CCFL or 1 min in UV lamp
- Apply NailCrust slider and fix and smooth it 
- Remnants of foils remove with E.MiLac Ultrabound
- Apply Charmicon Frame sticker
- Paint dots with gel paint “White Refinad”
- Cover nails with 1 layer of  E.MiLac Slider gel and 1 layer of E.MiLac top gel and dry it. 
-Clean nails from sticky layer

5) Paint volume roses with Empasta with thin layer and dry it. 

6) Make 2-3 layers of painting with empasta. To make big volume mix empasta and Liquid Stone polymer

7) Empasta have no sticky layer and it is no need to cover it with top coat

For this Emi manicure are used:

- E.MiLac 065 “Dusty Kedr” from the collection “Cozy Evening”
- E.MiLac 064 “Shy Blush”
- Charmicon Frame Gold No. 1 and Lunuly Gold No. 4
- EMPASTA “Shy Blush” and “White Refined”,
- TEXTONE „Gold“
-  E.MiLac Base gel, E.MiLac Top Gel, E.MiLac Matt Top Gel, E.MiLac Top Gel Tackless.

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