4D Black Plastiline Gel , 8ml

4D Black Plastiline Gel , 8ml

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Black 4D gel

4D UV gel  8 ml 

- black color

- no need to cover with top coat

Tips: To make gel soft you should soak the brush in liquid for removing sticky layer or liquid for degreasing and move gel on nails. To make lace don't take too much gel layer  should be thin.

How make 3D lace manicure? 

1) Prepare nail as usual - buff, apply primer, base coat
2) Cover nails with nude gel polish and dry it
3) Paint border for future lace by black gel paint. Cover nail with top coat
4) Take a little amount of 4D black gel and spread it to the lace border. Layer should be thin.
5) Create holes by dotting brush
6) Dry nails in UV lamp. 4D gel doesnt need to be covered with top gel

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